Full compliance with the tasks and the optimal adoption of new technologies contributes to the creation of initially profitable resources. It is noteworthy that the prices in the shopping villages are lower compared to the store sometimes up to 70 %. The need for electronic media was replenished as soon as it arose. In addition to the most common schemes of e-Commerce, there are several other. The expansion of sales geography naturally necessitated the emergence of electronic money for making payments and exchange of electronic analogues of currencies, because Bank transfers between countries are not always the most convenient payment option, which did not differ besides the necessary speed.

Therefore guarantee the successful implementation of business deals on the Internet is originally a professional approach. This represents the first experience of creation of system of electronic Commerce. It is about the interaction of businessmen and consumers to government.

It is worth noting that there is some specificity in the field of virtual advertising, and are used here absolutely other approaches. Examples of this kind of trading — traditional online stores, aimed at a target group direct consumers of goods. The art of expression in graphic and text form the main idea of the firm and its orientation, attitude to customers and many other things that immediately felt on arrival in a real shop and has to be felt by the buyer virtual when you visit the site. To order goods from online stores of Europe, it is necessary to use the services of intermediaries to order goods from online stores of Europe, because European stores don't usually offer delivery of goods outside the EU.. Its birth was the first of the systems and methods of electronic Commerce are obliged to the advent of the technology of sales automation and implementation of automated control systems corporate resources[1]. You also cannot lose sight of the need for further promotion of the resource, because a successful Internet Commerce without proper advertising is impossible. The art to integrate complex technical solutions that simplify the operation of the site, but, nevertheless, does not make it primitive. On the Internet banner ad is a small rectangular picture, which is advertising a Web site or Web page. For example, on the server www.newman.ru contains price information on all kinds of computer equipment that offer various firms in Moscow.